Welcome to my little sewing blog! My name is Caitlin, and up until the summer of 2013 everything I learned about sewing I learned from my mom. Going fabric shopping with her is one of my favorite things to do, and it is the possibility fabric holds which inspires me. Following my dream of being an astrophysicist led me to Santa Cruz, CA, which is quite a different place to live compared to Minneapolis, MN where I grew up. No longer having my mom nearby meant no more access to a sewing machine, so I eagerly anticipated when I would get one of my own! After receiving a sewing machine for my birthday, I started subscribing to sewing blogs. I have been incredibly inspired by the online sewing community and decided it was time to join!

The goal of this blog is to…

document my journey hand making my own wardrobe, quilting and using sewing as a sustainability skill. I hope that by browsing these pages, you’ll find good resources including pattern reviews, tutorials, or even just inspiration! I’m a big advocate for living a sustainable life, and I manifest those values through slow fashion and sewing.

My likes, loves, passions and things that simply make me happy…

florals, geometric patterns, traveling, rich colors, learning physics, exploring cities, listening to the ocean, the Minnesota State Fair, movies where the bad guys are the good guys, fabric shopping with my mom, holiday decorations, looking at the stars, sustainability, national parks, being in nature, early mornings, reading a good book, watching it snow while warm under a quilt

On the name of my blog…

“midwest coast” is meant to be a homage to my midwestern roots while simultaneously acknowledging my current status as a California resident. I struggled between describing myself as a sewer, seamstress and sewist. In the end I decided “sewer” is better said out loud than in writing. “Seamstress” comes off too professional for what I do, and I feel is limited to clothes making. So, “sewist” it is! I love the association it has with “artist” and “enthusiast.”

Come join me on my sewing adventures!




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes, fabric shopping with you is also one of my favorite things. Wish we could do it more. I love your goals for your postings and blogs.

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