Last Minute Summer Sewing! – Paisley Southport Dress by True Bias

Hello lovely friends! It’s still totally summer, right? I can still post a swimsuit cover up, right? The Southport Dress by True Bias Patterns has been all over the sewing blogosphere this summer, and I really wanted to join in on the fun before summer was over! So, today I’m presenting to you my Southport Dress:

Paisley Southport Dress by True Bias | Midwest Coast Sewist

The description of the pattern says this dress is “designed to be worn as a coverup at the beach or a dress for around town.” I think mine turned out more in the beach cover-up category than the ‘around town’ dress. It’s very comfy, but I think a slight alteration I made resulted in the top being too baggy in the bust area for everyday wear. Let me explain.

The dress is designed to have a button closure on the top, and on the pattern pieces for the top there are two lines marked for the placket fold lines (in this case the placket is where the buttons & buttonholes go, for those new to garment making). Instead of cutting two separate pieces, I cut the blouse pieces on the fold. I put the first placket fold line on the fold of my fabric. I now realize that I should have put the second fold line on my fabric fold. That would have resulted in almost two inches less of fabric in the bust area, and it probably would have been okay to wear with a non-swimsuit underneath. So, for those interested in making this dress without the buttons, place the second fold line on your fabric fold for best results. From the side, the silhouette is effortless and simple. Perfect for the beach! Also, note my very unglamorous beach attire: swimsuit, dress, ponytail, minimal makeup & worn in flip flops. I will gladly choose comfort over style when heading to the beach!

Paisley Southport Dress by True Bias | Midwest Coast Sewist

I cut out a size 8, and I really like how it fits throughout the hips. The pockets are a great addition, and very deep! Perfect for both phone and keys. The construction of the drawstring was painless (thank goodness), and everything generally came together easily. The drawstring casing was attached in an interesting way, and I think it’s a technique I’ll attempt using elsewhere as well. Do you see the little pleat at the neckline in the picture below? That was my attempt at taking in the extra fabric. It didn’t fix my whole issue, but it definitely helps! My last comment on the pattern was about how it instructs you to use bias tape for finishing the arm & neck holes. I’ve been loving that technique recently, so I was happy to see it used here.

Paisley Southport Dress by True Bias | Midwest Coast Sewist

Paisley Southport Dress by True Bias | Midwest Coast Sewist

Alright guys, I need to zoom in on this fabric because I don’t think that the other pictures do it justice! It is a gorgeous rayon print from Blackbird Fabrics & Dressmaking Supplies. There is so much detail in the print, and so many different colors. The rayon is super soft, not flimsy, and completely opaque despite the white background. I highly recommend it!

Paisley Printed Rayon from Blackbird Fabrics | Made into a Southport Dress by Caitlin @ Midwest Coast Sewist

Paisley Southport Dress by True Bias | Midwest Coast Sewist

I’m so happy that I was able to squeeze this dress in at the very end of summer! I loved the instructions, overall process of making this dress and the fact that it comes as a PDF. I also really loved that if you plan on making the short version (there’s a maxi as well), the pattern pieces are organized so that you don’t have to print out the ones with the longer skirt pieces. Less paper, hooray! I’ll definitely be revisiting True Bias Patterns in the future. In fact, there’s a blouse that fits my Wardrobe Architect shapes which would be perfect for fall 😉

I hope everyone in the Northern hemisphere is transitioning into fall nicely! Has anyone else done any last minute summer sewing? I’d love to hear about it!


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