An Octopus Print Sewaholic Alma Blouse

One of the first blouses I ever made was the Alma blouse, by Sewaholic patterns. I have returned to it a couple of different times, because I love it so much! I’ve made an unblogged version in red quilting cotton, and a green and black one in rayon challis. Both times were with the mid length sleeves and Peter Pan collar, so I decided to try the version with a notched neckline and cap sleeves.

I found this awesome Cotton and Steele Fabric at Hart’s with an Octopus print, designed by Sarah Watts, and thought it’d be lovely for a Valentine’s Day top! I’m finally getting around to posting about it….


Isn’t it darling?! One of the reasons I chose pink (it comes in other colors, too!) is because it fits into the color scheme of my Wardrobe Architect exercises. The top falls into my desired garment shape of “semi-fitted blouse made out of crisp yet soft fabric.”

After I attached the first cap sleeve, I tried it on and really didn’t like how the sleeve looked on me. It stuck out kind of funny, which is probably a result of how I did the gathering. I ripped out the sleeve, and sewed the binding around the armscye without it. The sleeveless style turned out well, I think, and it didn’t require any other altering to compensate for the missing sleeve!

Front1-Alma-Octopus-sewLet me take a brief minute to talk about fit. I wanted a looser fit around the stomach area, so I omitted the vertical darts. It’s very comfy that way, and adding them back in would be an easy way to tighten the shirt if I ever need it. The cotton has no stretch, which is expected, so this also gives me some extra breathing room. The other fit related note is that I really need to do a full bust adjustment (FBA) on this pattern. I love Tasia’s style, but my bust is 3 sizes bigger than what her patterns are designed for. In the following pictures, you can really see how it’s pulling across the bust, and around the arm holes because of this. Regardless, I’ve still worn this shirt lots since I made it!

Side-Alma-Octopus-sew Back1-Alma-Octopus-sewAren’t the octopods adorable?! I even found a cute Valentine’s day joke to go along with this shirt: What did the octopus say to his date?

Back2-Alma-Octopus-sewI want to hold your hand hand hand hand hand hand hand hand! 🙂

To highlight the notched neckline and help the facing stay down, I added two rows of top stitching. I debated between light pink and copper (to match the octopods) thread, but at some point the copper reminded me of jeans stitching so my decision was easily made — light pink! The pink is difficult to photograph, but I’m happy with how it looks in real life:

Topstitching-Alma-Octopus-sewOverall, another win for the Alma Blouse, and an excellent addition to my 2015 Wardrobe Architect project!



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