Reusable Market Bag with Folded Bottom

Where I live, you are no longer provided plastic bags when you go shopping, and it costs you 25 cents to buy a paper bag. We get a lot of use out of reusable bags because of this, and I’ve started to use cloth market bags for EVERYTHING from bringing my lunch to work to fabric shopping. Around the holidays, we’re bringing gifts and food to parties, buy gifts, baking supplies, and many more things, so a reusable bag is perfect this time of year! I have a bag that has a folded bottom, like you often see on plastic bags. I love it for non grocery shopping, and I decided I need more! Pin the image for later, and check out this brief tutorial:
pinterest diy market bag

There are literally millions of hits when you google “reusable tote bag,” so the internet does not need another one. Here is simply how to do the bottom! You will ideally have some sort of fold across the bottom of the bag, and a seam down the side of the bag. At the corner, take the side seam and tuck it in:
diy market bag reusable

I tucked in about 2 inches of fabric. Fold the tuck in, and give it a good press flat.

diy market bag folded

After it’s pressed, sew across the bottom of the bag with a wide seam allowance. I used 1/2 inch here. (And of course, I chose red since it coordinated with the fabric colors!)
diy market bag

Ta da! You now have a bag bottom similar to those pesky plastic bags. Clever design, yet better for the environment! Bonus points for using scrap fabric, an old T shirt, sheets, or whatever else you may have lying market bag reusable

resuable market bag

The zig zag stitching across the top was a complete accident (I forgot which setting my machine was on!), but I love the extra bit of detail and color it brings!
diy reusable market bag

diy tote bag

Of course, I had to use my bag right away and bought some goodies for our holiday potluck: hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, and marshmallows! It’s one of my favorite drinks during the winter. Enjoy!peppermint hot chocolate


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