Finished Jersey Dress: McCall’s M6754

Hi, friends! Earlier this season, I made a dress for autumn in summer fabric (cotton). I mentioned wanting to transition into some stable jerseys and knits for fall, and first on the list was McCall’s M6754. This is advertised as an easy pattern. It has a sleeveless option, raglan sleeve option, and can be either a blouse or a dress. I chose the dress with raglan sleeves. Recently I’ve been having issues figuring out what size garment that I should be making. Some things come out too big, some too small. I’ve been learning about the difference between finished garment size and size based on body measurements. The key feature that links these two is the amount of ease! Generally speaking, more ease means the garment is more loose fitting, less ease means it fits tighter. I found Gertie’s post on dealing with pattern ease VERY helpful and would highly recommend it. Anyway. Back to McCall’s M6754. Since this was an easy pattern, I decided to make a quick muslin and pay close attention to what the finished fit was like. The dress is made out of knit fabric and sized in small-medium-large-extra large. I thought that making it out of stretchy fabric and picking one size that covered a wider range of measurements would ensure that my muslin would more or less fit. Welp, I was wrong. I started with a size medium, and it hangs off of me in a very unflattering way. You can see I’m not super thrilled with the result:



Adding a belt makes it a little better, and perhaps even wearable with a chunky cardigan! But by adding the belt, you can see how baggy it is in the bodice.


I do love the circle skirt and the color!


For the real deal, I went a size down to a small. The fabric I used is a super soft bamboo jersey from Hart’s Fabric. Seriously. So. Soft. The pictures make it look black with white stripes, but it’s actually dark grey with white stripes! (It was gloomy and rainy outside when I took these pictures, so the light wasn’t ideal.) Ta da! I love this version!


Here you can see my attempt at beach waves in my hair. Key word being “attempt,” hah. I think they should implement a complimentary ‘wavey beach hair’ tutorial when you become a California resident! 🙂

One thing to note is that this fabric is more stretchy than the fabric I used for the muslin. There is maybe three times as much fabric in the skirt than in the bodice, so the weight of it stretches the bodice down a bit. The pattern calls for elastic at the waist, but I didn’t find that comfortable (or flattering). So, I got out my black belt again and that solved the problem! What do you think? Does it look best with the belt?



I think the belt helps break up the stripes. I didn’t even realize that the back of the sleeves were still a little baggy until I looked at the pictures from behind. I guess that means there’s more tweaking for me to do!

Fun fact: my stripe matching on the front of the bodice was a complete accident! I can’t believe how well it worked out. 

All in all, this was a fast pattern (I churned out both these dresses in less than 24 hours), fun to wear because of the circle skirt, and a wardrobe staple. I would be careful with what the measurements on the envelope tell you, but it’s definitely a good project and pattern!


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