Project: Holiday Fabric + A Giveaway!

This time of year, going to the craft store means one thing: HOLIDAY STUFF! One of my favorites is novelty print holiday fabric. I just can’t resist it! So, I thought it’d be fun to start a little online sewing party to see what we can make with holiday fabric!


Now, even though I love holiday fabric, I often struggle with ways to actually use it. Since the holidays can be busy, the fabric also tends to just sit and not be used because all my ideas are too time intensive for this time of year (also, grad school!). A lot of ideas on the internet are geared towards kids or look a little childish, and I find myself at a loss for what to do with festive fabric. So, I’ve brainstormed a couple of projects to use novelty print holiday fabric that are:

1. Simple & don’t take more than an evening or so

2. Actually usable by a 20-something graduate student (or any adult for that matter!)

3. Sustainable: they’re functional & can be easily stored for reuse next year

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting all my projects as part of the sewing party! These are not revolutionary or brand new projects, but they will follow the three guidelines above. Some of the projects do have accompanying tutorials written by yours truly. And, I want to see what YOU are making! How do you use holiday fabric? What sort of projects are you working on this season? Feel free to share your projects on Facebook or in the comments of any of my “Project: Holday Fabric” specific posts. Bonus points if you use upcycled fabric or things from your “stash!” If you’re using social media, you can use the hashtag #projectholidayfabric or feel free to use the image above! Also, comment below if you’re participating!

 Project: Holiday Fabric Giveaway!

I also want to announce that there will be a giveaway to go along with this endeavor! Hopefully this will start the winner’s new year off right 🙂

The prize: A $25 gift certificate to JoAnn fabrics or Hart’s Fabrics.

I wanted to make the prize amenable to whatever the winner’s craft of choice may be. Hart’s is by far my favorite fabric store, but JoAnn’s has a broader selection of crafting materials.

There are 3 ways to enter the giveaway:

1. “Like” my Facebook page.

2. Follow me on Instagram

3. Post a project you made this season using holiday fabric!

Post your project using holiday fabric to either my Facebook page or in the comments of this blog post. Include a picture (or a link to a picture, blog post, etc.) and a brief description of what you made. Please post new (not made before 2014) projects. After the contest is over, I will do a round up and post pictures of your projects!

Contest deadline: The end of the day (Midnight PST) on December 19th.

At the end of the contest I will use a random number generator to pick a winner of the gift certificate!

BONUS: To go along with the ‘grown up’ aspect, each post will include a “Sewtally Tober” section detailing an alcoholic drink you can pair with the project! Credit for this section goes to my friend Devon (aka Ash for Halloween) who is known for his puns (and his physics prowess, of course!).

Good luck, and happy sewing!


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