Teal & Grey Baby Quilt

Hi, all! Despite not posting much this past month, I have been doing quite a bit of sewing. Last post I mentioned the Halloween costumes I made during October. That was pretty much all I made the whole month, but after my exam I practically sewed all weekend! Time to catch up on the blog posts! One of the projects I worked on was a baby quilt for my cousin’s baby who was due in the beginning of November. Her sister mentioned she was thinking light grey and white with teal accents, and was in love with some bedding featuring a chevron pattern. So, I headed to Jo Ann fabrics and was delightfully overwhelmed with all the chevron fabric they had! I found white fabric with a subtle grey chevron pattern, as well as some ombre teal and white chevron, grey and teal chevron, and a basic simple grey pattern fabric. My original plan was to make a sort of color blocked, basic patchwork quilt with squares like this:

Source: Polkadot Chair. Click picture for link!

When I started laying out the fabric, I decided it was too busy and too patterned for lots of small squares. I found something with a simpler design to really show off the fabric:

As a bonus, this quilt top didn’t take long at all. I think this looks much more modern which is what I think of when I think of my cousin. The quickness of this project ended up being good because my cousin’s baby decided to come early; he was born less than 24 hours after I finished the top!


I found some cool geometric grey and white fabric at Hart’s for the back. All the chevron print on the front motivated me to find something not chevron but still geometric. It even had little teal dots as accents, so it was perfect.


For the first time ever, I finished this quilt on my sewing machine. I didn’t have anyone with a long arm machine do it, and I didn’t do ties like I’ve done every other quilt myself. Since it was small (only about 44″ x 60″), it was easy. This is definitely my limit though; I wouldn’t want to do anything bigger on my own machine! I followed the lines of the seams, and used white thread. I think it turned out alright for my first time! Does anyone else frequently finish their own quilts this way, on a regular sewing machine? I’d love to hear tips for how to do this better!


I love how the colors compliment each other:




I will definitely make this style quilt again, especially when I want the fabric to shine instead of the quilt design.


Congratulations to my cousin, her husband, and to their new son!


2 thoughts on “Teal & Grey Baby Quilt

  1. Fabulous job! It definitely looks modern. I love this idea. I will probably use the row layout myself. Great job Caitlin, I am sure Liam will love it.

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