Maxi Staple Dress for a Science Museum Wedding

Greetings, friends! When I was visiting Minnesota a little over a week ago, my boyfriend and I attended a wedding at the Minnesota Science Museum. It was such a unique venue to host a wedding, so pictures of the dress I made & wore were a definite necessity. I actually won’t talk about the dress terribly much because it’s an April Rhodes Staple Dress that I’ve already made twice before (first here, second here). Without further ado, here it is!


This time, I lengthened it to be a maxi by simply extending the side seams down. I was thinking I’d end up making slits up the side to my knees to make walking easier, but I ended up not needing that! The fabric is a beautiful, flowy rayon challis from Hart’s Fabric. I loved the colors of this fabric because while it’s floral, it’s more muted and more fall appropriate, I think. I excluded the elastic at the waist again, and opted for a cream colored belt instead. I think that dresses it up a bit which is perfect for a wedding setting. My fabric ended up not being long enough to get a long enough back piece AND a long enough front piece, so I added a sort of cuff (if you will) to the bottom to extend it. I’m actually doing the same thing on another skirt I’m working on, so maybe I’ll write up a little tutorial! For now, enjoy pictures from the Science Museum…


Of course I am not really that short, the bone is ENORMOUS! Some dinosaur poses were in order:




And last but not least, my handsome date and I in front of the triceratops:BlueFloralStapleMaxi-3


The pattern: April Rhodes Staple Dress

Fabric: Floral Blue Rayon Challis from Hart’s fabric

Size: M through the side seams, S through the neck/shoulders

Alterations: added 20 inches in length plus a 2 inch cuff to the hem, excluded the elastic waist


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