Cotton Dress for Summer to Fall

Hello friends! Where I live in California, it doesn’t start getting cold until about November. However, the I-love-everything-autumn bug struck me in September while it was still pretty hot! I made this dress as a transition from summer to fall. It says ‘fall’ to me because of the longer, midi, length and golden fabric with brown and pale pink motifs. It’s still ‘summer’ though because it’s sleeveless and made of a light, cotton lawn! honeypraline_front1

This past week I was at my parents’ house in Minnesota and got to have my mom help me take blog pictures in front of their house. The fall colors in their neighborhood are gorgeous and reaching their peak: deep reds, oranges and golds. Can’t get better than that!


Do you see the cute dog in the window? It’s my brother’s dog, Willow! She’s such a good dog, and even manages to run with him while he’s training for marathons. Isn’t she gorgeous?!


The bodice is the same as the one I used for the Super Nova dress, the Red and Teal Anthropologie Hack dress, and two other knit dresses I haven’t blogged about! That pattern is getting some serious use. I wanted a full, midi length skirt so I just cut two large rectangles and gathered them at the waist for the skirt part. I also had a LOT of this fabric that I wanted to use up, so the gathered skirt was a good fit. It’s just gorgeous! I bought it at Hart’s Fabric in Santa Cruz (no longer available), and it’s the Art Gallery cotton lawn fabric that is super soft.



I kept the zipper centered in the back like the pattern calls for. The cotton fabric gets wrinkled pretty easily (as cotton does!) so later this season there are some stable knits and other fabrics I’ll be trying my hand at. In the mean time though, this dress is serving as a perfect transition dress from summer to fall!


On their front porch, my parents had this ENORMOUS pumpkin! I could barely wrap my arms around it and lift it up, it was so big.honeypraline_frontpumpkin

Later in the evening, my boyfriend and I carved it up at a pumpkin carving party! What a clever idea for a party!

honeypraline_PumpkincarvedHappy autumn, everyone! Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful season no matter where you may be living.


3 thoughts on “Cotton Dress for Summer to Fall

  1. A great dress in the perfect fall colors. Thanks for decorating/carving the pumpkin for me. Yes, it was the perfect fall weekend, with lots of beautiful colors with crisp blue sky.

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