“After The Rain” Tie Dress

Hi friends! Yes, I still exist, am sewing, and am still blogging! It’s been a while, and I’ve been working on a quilt for a wedding which I’m not planning to share until it’s finished. This past week I decided to put the quilt aside and sew up something for me!

One of the blogger’s who I’ve followed for forever, Caroline @ Sew Caroline, released her own line of fabric this summer called Gleeful! At first I was hesitant about using it for any of my own clothing because I thought it would be a little young-looking on me. I already look young for my age as it is, but all of the fabric is just too darn fabulous to completely pass up. Then I saw one of the garments made as part of her blog hop, and OH MY GOSH I fell in love. Here is the fabulous maxi in “After the Rain” cotton voile made by Miranda :

I promptly placed my own order for that voile! This was the only time I cheated on the ‘2014 summer stash bust;’  I wanted to get some before it was all gone.

And man, this fabric is beautiful and silky soft! It slid right out of the box it was shipped in. The softness held up through washing which made me even happier.

I chose Vogue 1395 because it looked like a flattering and interesting design. Plus, the fit was easy and loose. The last few garments I’ve made have had fit issues and I wanted to avoid those. Also, it changes up the typical tie-dress design by having the tie in front.


The pattern calls for an elastic which is encased by the seam where the skirt means the bodice. This was a bit lower than my natural waist, so I just omitted it and let the tie do the cinching. It was difficult to tell which was the “wrong” side and which was the “right” side of the fabric in the midst of sewing. This was frustrating while I was working on it, but I think it ended up working out for the best for this pattern! You do end up seeing the “wrong” side of the fabric on the ties which makes this fabric a good choice.


Because of the looseness and the gentle cinch at the waist, this dress is deliciously comfortable to wear! The fabric is sooo soft and feels lush against my skin! Plus, I love the grown-up-yet-whimsical attitude that the abstract dots give. Ah! It’s perfect. This pattern would also be beautiful in a rayon challis or something with more drape. The cotton voile is comfy, but the sleeves kiiiind of stick out and the bodice doesn’t fall exactly right, but that’s only because cotton voile, by nature, has less drape than something like rayon challis. This dress is so soft and comfy that I don’t even mind!

The back has this cool little gathered feature at the neckline which was incredibly easy to sew. The instructions did a great job of explaining the steps:


Also, I got a remote control for my camera! Apparently you need to point it parallel to the ground, and DIRECTLY at the camera. It was finicky and wasn’t workin’ so hot for me….. A lot of my pictures this time around were like this:AfterTheRain_6

And this:


And this…..


This was such a fun project to sew up because of the fabric and the pattern! I can’t wait to see what else Caroline has up her sleeves!

AfterTheRain_4 AfterTheRain_5

What about you? Have you ever needed to see a garment or project all made up before you’re convinced of the fabric’s potential? Has anyone else been dreaming of fall sewing?! It’s still pretty hot here, but I am looking forward to it “cooling off” here in Northern California!


One thought on ““After The Rain” Tie Dress

  1. Loved the picture attempts with the remote. What an easy way to take your pictures. This is a great dress on you. Also love the blue ‘dots’.

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