Retro Trailer Scrappy Quilt: Part 1

Hi Friends! Last week I was working on a dress using some lovely blue and white voile from Mood fabrics. When I got to the fitting stage, for some reason it just did not fit! I’m a bit perplexed because the size I chose fit my measurements exactly, and I used all the correct seam allowances. That was #3 in a line of garments which just were not fitting, not working, and induced other frustrations, so I set it aside and decided to start on some quilts! Does that ever happen to anyone else? You get so fed up with a project (or multiple projects) that you need to just work on something else for a while? I know it definitely happens in my research, too!

So my super talented cousin Kenz of Interiors by Kenz who shared her DIY Beach Towel Quilt a couple of weeks ago painted and renovated a retro canned ham trailer. My admiration of her adventures pretty much quadrupled when I learned of this project! If you’re interested in their progress so far, check out her first post and her trailer painting post. While shopping for fabric several months ago, I found some really adorable vintage trailer fabric. I decided that I HAD to make Kenz & her family a quilt for their adventures in the trailer!


Aren’t they adorable?! Since I anticipated the quilt being used in a camping (or glamping!) setting, I wanted it to have a “scrappy” feel to it. To me, scrappy quilts say “drag me outside and watch the stars!” a lot more than other kinds of quilts do. I’d be afraid of ruining a gorgeous, neatly organized, perfectly planned quilt while going camping! But, scraps tend to be small and this trailer print is large so I needed to be careful about what quilt pattern to use. To balance the two, I chose a block that combined big squares with little squares:

The light blue will be the trailer fabric (8″x8″), and the small (4″ x 4″) dark blue and white will be the scraps. I dug around in my stash and found some red, green, grey and teal scraps to do the trick! The teal is also a nod to the color they painted the trailer. Since the trailer fabrics both have lighter colored backgrounds, I chose scrappy fabrics with color that would pop:



It’s coming together quickly since the final squares are so big (16″ by 16″) and I can do a lot of chain sewing! I also have some fun planned for the back and for the binding, so stay tuned!

What have you been working on as summer wraps up? More summer items, or have you already transitioned to sewing for fall? These quilts are getting me excited for the cool nights that October & November bring us here in Northern California!


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