Anthropologie Hack: Red & Teal Dress

Every season when the Anthropologie catalog arrives in my mail box, I get inexplicably excited. I sit down and look at the entire thing cover to cover! Alas, I live on a grad student budget and can only afford things there when they have a sale…on the sale items. There was a dress I saw that I loved (surprise surprise!), and I realized that not only did I have similar fabric, but I had a very similar pattern!


The pattern is the same as I used for my Supernova Dress (Vogue V8949), but I used the included pencil skirt instead of drafting a gathered skirt. It has the same flaps at the hip as the orange lace, but those probably wouldn’t be flattering on me. Also since my fabric is actually stiff upholstery fabric, I omitted the sleeves to allow for a more comfortable fit at the shoulder.

And, here’s the final version!



I like how it looks professional & dressy, yet still fun because of the print and the colors! It’s not so artsy as the Anthropologie version with the orange lace, but I know I’ll wear it more this way.



Hmm… pensive or disliking the bright sun? I positioned the print at the waist so it was perpendicular to the rest of the dress. In my first version of this pattern, the Supernova Dress, the waist belt got lost, so I thought this positioning would make it stand out more! I keep having the same issue in a few of the clothes I’m making: the upper back is loose. Here, it almost seems as if the shoulders are too wide. It’s not so bad I don’t like it, but any suggestions for altering for narrow shoulders would be great!



In my jewelry stash, I had the perfect matching earrings!



I’m think I’ll wear this dress to a bridal shower in a couple of weeks! The details:

Pattern: V8949

Fabric: Poppy & Jade upholstery from Hart’s Fabric (can’t find the link online anymore!)

Size: 8, with small seam allowances (more on that in the future…)

Alterations: None to the overall look, but I added a lining instead of using facings.


6 thoughts on “Anthropologie Hack: Red & Teal Dress

  1. Very cute, yet professional. Looks like a great dress for a bridal shower. You are amazing with your passion and skills at sewing, especially since you have only been sewing a couple of years.

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