DIY Beach Towel Quilt — Mekenzie’s Guest Post

Hi all! I’ve been traveling the past two weeks, so I have asked my cousin Mekenzie to do a guest post. She is VERY talented, and has an adorable baby girl, Evelyn, of who she so graciously shares lots of pictures! Enjoy 🙂

Hello!  I’m so excited to be here guest posting on Caitlin’s blog today.  Caitlin is my extremely talented cousin, and I’m honored she would invite me to be here today.

I’m Mekenzie.  I have this little old blog called Interiors By Kenz where I write about my DIY projects and room design.

Before I dive into the project I’m sharing with you today, you should be aware of one major element: I am NOT a sewing expert in any way shape or form.  In fact, quite the opposite.  So if this is something I can do, literally, ANYONE can do this!

I was out running some errands and saw these beach towels in the clearance section.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do, make a big beach towel blanket.


I cut the towels into 14″ by 14″ squares.  And I had a pretty great helper.

I laid them out in the pattern I wanted the quilt to be.


And I started sewing away.  First I sewed the columns, then I sewed those together.

There’s really no fancy tutorial.  It’s just a basic patchwork pattern.


After you’ve sewn the whole piece together, make sure to wash it *BY ITSELF!*  This is very important.  Terry-cloth is very particular, and washing it will shed and get rid of all the little fuzzies created from the raw edges.

After you’ve washed and dried it, you’re ready for your beach picnic!  I live in Utah, so I’ll have to settle without a beach unfortunately.  But it looks Evelyn doesn’t seem to mind!


Thanks for letting me share this project with you all!  I hope you’ll stop by Interiors By Kenz and say hi sometime!


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