Super Easy, Cheap & Cute 4th of July Garland

Happy weekend, friends! The 4th of July creeped up on me this year, and I realized that I don’t own a single red white and blue decoration! Holiday decorations are big in my family, and I think when I moved to California I had more boxes of Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. decorations than I had clothes. You may have seen similar versions of what I’ve made around the internet, particularly using specialized cutters to cut special shapes. I don’t have any punches or special cutters, and I sure as heck wasn’t going to cut out dozens of stars by hand! So, I opted for varying sizes of rectangles. All you need is to be able to cut in straight lines–that I can do. I love that it looks like confetti, or even the streams left behind by fireworks. This project went really fast and only cost me $0.90–win win!

1. Gather your materials:
-3 pieces of felt (I found this makes ~20 feet of garland)
-Coordinating thread (not shown, I used red)4thJulyGarlandMaterials

The store was out of white when I bought my supplies, so I went for two different blues and a red instead.

2. Cut your felt pieces into one inch strips.


3. Cut the strips into random sized pieces between 1″ and 3″ long.


4. Mix up your colored pieces if you like the random look!


5. Stick one of the pieces under the presser foot of your machine, and sew down the middle of it. Without cutting the thread, stick another piece under the presser foor and sew across that one. I found a good way to make them evenly spaced was to regulate when you put the next piece in. For me, once the edge of one piece passed the edge of my presser foot I fed the next one in. Continue until all of your pieces are used.


Alternatively, you could hand sew the pieces together. You would need a way to keep the pieces separate such as knotting the thread after each piece. It’d be a good project to sit and do while catching up on some Orange is the New Black 🙂


One benefit of this project was how cheap it was. The pieces of felt were $0.30 each, and I already had the thread. This means that 20 feet of garland cost me $0.90! Even if you don’t have thread already, this project would still cost you less than $4.00.


Happy 4th of July!!



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