My First Staple Dress & A Goal for My Upcoming Travels

Happy Weekend! This week I finished my first project from the Perfect Pattern Parcel: the Staple Dress by April Rhodes. I wanted a flowy, simple dress that was actually kind of dressy. This black and white rayon from Hart’s did the trick. The pattern is very easy and very fast. Plus, this was the first time I used a PDF pattern and I really liked it! The pattern has elastic at the waist, but I omitted that in lieu of a belt. I’m happy with the black and white + pink combo. Finished product:



Plus it has POCKETS!! You can’t ever go wrong with pockets:



The neckline was a little big, I cut a size smaller in the neckline on the next one, so I added a small pleat at the back.BWStapleDress_back


The belted + flowy shape is very flattering! Unfortunately the Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 is no longer available, but #4 will be released August 22nd!


All set for a dinner out in the Mediterranean because…BWStapleDress_wall


…in less than four weeks, I’m heading to Sicily & Greece! I’ll be in Sicily for a one week summer course, then to Greece to meet some family, tour an island or two, and to just generally relax! I’ve been thinking pretty hard about what exactly I should pack to wear (does anyone else do that?), and what projects I want to get done before I go. I’m focusing on dresses, and simplicity. I don’t want to have to bring camis, or multiple pieces to put together an outfit. Also, since I’ll be in a more professional setting for half the time, I need clothes appropriate and modest for that setting! Here’s the list I’ve come up with, and this dress is the first thing I get to cross off:

-Blue Cotton Staple Dress

-A dressy black Staple Dress

-Cross body purse

-Knit maxi

-Swim suit

-Passport cover

-Knee length striped knit dress

All the patterns, except the swim suit, I have used before, and are easy. I also have almost all the fabric, so this should be a not so stressful project. I’m very excited for the opportunity to head to the Meditteranean to learn physics and meet family in Greece!



6 thoughts on “My First Staple Dress & A Goal for My Upcoming Travels

  1. Cute fabric. I love it! That dress is so flattering on you. And I LOVE pockets. Fun fact: I made Marlene put pockets in my wedding dress. I feel like dresses NEED pockets!

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