Reflections on MMM 2014

Well, Me Made May 2014 is complete! I didn’t end up taking a lot of photos of the outfits I wore, but I did successfully wear at least two hand made items a week. There were some repeats, and I counted my phone holder arm band as one week’s item, but I would still call that a success! I learned a few things and have some thoughts which I’d like to share.

People ask if you make everything you wear.

Once people found out that I make my own clothes, they started asking if anything I wore was handmade! This was particularly true for printed dresses. Man, I love me a good print dress. It was really flattering being asked if I made these well constructed items, and kinda cool that people were on the look out for my makes. I can’t wait until I can say “yes, I made this!” almost every day.

I discovered I’m emotionally attached to the clothes that I make.

Remember my yellow striped dress? I spilled sauce on it one day, and when I didn’t wash it properly so that it stained, I cried. I literally cried. After spending a week making it, I was so upset that I may never be able to wear it again! The stain ended up coming out with some extra strong stain remover, but man that was stressful, haha. Since one of the reasons I started making my own clothes was to build a sustainable wardrobe, I think this is a good thing. If I’m attached to clothes I own (AND I love wearing them!) then I’m less likely to throw them out, donate them, or go buy something else.

Cotton has its drawbacks.

I love cotton. I love it because it’s natural, soft, and feels very “me.” However, cotton garments require a lot of ironing–which I hate! Cotton is also a safer and easier fabric to sew with, so in an attempt to save myself ironing time, I will need to venture out into the world of non cotton fabric!

My ideal everyday garment…

fits comfortably, has a happy color scheme, goes almost to my knees, doesn’t require extras like camis, and is made of soft fabric. There has been a lot of dress & skirt making recently, but I need more blouses as well. When I wear jeans I reach for a basic t shirt, but having some pretty, simple tops instead would be wonderful. I will be prioritizing these types of garments in the future!

Body love.

This was huge, and I didn’t expect it to be. When making clothes for your self, you become very intimate with every curve of your body: good and bad. Fitting clothes is stressful when you’re not happy with your body image (I can attest to that!), and when people check out the clothes you made, they’re also inadvertently checking out the body that is wearing it. It’s hard to simultaneously be proud of what you’re wearing and self conscience of the body it’s on, and this month I learned to be a bit kinder on myself and to practice body love.

And since you made it through all the text, here’s a picture of me and my boyfriend on Monterey Bay! I wore my Super Nova Dress out to happy hour with him and friends last weekend:



One thought on “Reflections on MMM 2014

  1. I need to make a goal (smaller scale) to have home made clothes. I think I would really appreciate my body and talents a lot more if I did. What an awesome challenge. It was fun watching you participate.

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