Organizational Musings & The Perfect Pattern Parcel

These two topics don’t really go together, but they are timely so I’m stitching them together (get it?!) in a single post anyway!

First, Organizational Musings…

I made a Facebook page! You can check it out below and using the widget in the side bar.

New posts and things I’d like to share will be posted here instead of from my personal Facebook from here on out. “Like” it if you’re interested!

As you’ll see above, I added two pages: Tutorials and Patterns. I think this will be a good way to find things I have made. Plus, it’s always nice being able to search the internet and find versions of patterns I’m thinking of purchasing. It provides inspiration, reviews, and often a new make of a pattern that convinces me to buy it. Hopefully this will help other people trying to make purchase decisions! Once I have enough hand made items, I’ll also be adding “Post Wearing” Reviews to those pages.

Second, the Perfect Pattern Parcel!


The Perfect Pattern Parcel (PPP) is a great initiative for independent pattern designers and charities supporting education. How it works: you buy a bundle of five patterns, and if you decide on a certain amount of money, you unlock the “Bonus” pattern. You have options for how much you pay and how the money is divided between PPP, the designer, and the charity. So, I just bought six patterns by independent designers for $28. Retail price: $55 ! Good deal + good cause = win.

The first parcel had three patterns that I wanted, but I wasn’t watching and it wasn’t available anymore went I went to purchase them. The second parcel was kids clothes. While they were all really cute, I wouldn’t have made them. I have been eagerly anticipating this third one and am SO happy with the patterns! I think out of the six, there’s only one pattern that I’m not as interested in. Who knows though, maybe I’ll see someone else’s version and get inspired. Here are the three patterns I’m most excited about:

Bombshell: Guys I can’t wait to make this! It reminds me of the bathing beauty suits from Modcloth. I’ve been looking into buying a cute one piece suit for conferences/summer school in Sicily. There is another, more modest, version than the one shown below which would be perfect! This will require working with some new fabric and new skills, so I’m excited for that aspect too.



Staple Dress: Through instagram I recently discovered the wonderful April Rhodes. I think her pattern, the Staple Dress, is exactly what I’m looking for in an every day dress, and will hopefully live up to its name sake!



Prefontaine Shorts: Comfy shorts with POCKETS! For a girl that plays tennis, this is heaven. It’s tough to find women’s shorts with pockets that don’t break the bank. New workout shorts is one of the things for which I anticipated breaking my Seamless pledge, so now I won’t have to. Plus, I love the retro vibe!



The only pattern that I didn’t love at first sight was the Poppy Tunic, but I think that’s just because tunics don’t tend to be flattering on me. Who knows though, maybe it’ll end up working out! I’m excited to start in on some summer sewing!


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