A Coral Pink Pencil Skirt

Do you have certain colors which, when worn, make you feel on top of the world? Like you could do anything? Or that simply make you feel 110% like yourself? For me, one of those colors is coral pink. I found this awesome coral cotton twill (it’s also organic!!) at Hart’s Fabric a couple of weeks ago, and decided to make a pencil skirt out of it! In the coming months I’ll be taking my PhD oral qualifying exam, so my thought was to have a professional looking skirt in one of my ‘power colors’ to wear.

The details…

Pattern: McCall’s M5523 (View A)

Alterations: None

Fabric: Organic Cotton twill in Coral from Hart’s Fabric.

The thing that drew me to the pattern was that it’s your basic pencil skirt with a twist: all the variations have some sort of detailed back panel. It was a really easy sew, except for the circular hem on the particular back piece that I chose. I’m currently between a size 8 and a 6, which I think caused some fit issues in certain places. Fortunately because the pattern is so easy, I don’t think I’ll have a problem taking it in if I lose weight!


From the front, I love the finished product. The back detailing, however, was better in theory than in practice. I don’t think it’s very flattering on me. The narrow fit at the bottom which I think is a flattering aspect of pencils skirts definitely gets washed out. Maybe I used too heavy of fabric so that it doesn’t lay properly? I’m not sure.


Eventually I’ll probably rip out the seams in the back panel, then just extend the back pattern piece down so it’s flush with the side panels.


Overall though, I’m happy with the fact that I now have a professional looking PINK skirt! Who says you can’t be professional in coral pink?!


To go with the skirt, I’m making a Belcarra blouse, which is a recently released pattern from Sewaholic Patterns. It promises to be an easy sew, too, so I’m excited to get going. It’s meant to look good both tucked into a skirt and not tucked in. Check out the Sew along by clicking on this badge:



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