DIY Arm Band Phone Holder

Recently I started lifting weights, and I like to use my phone for music. I don’t have an arm band to keep it secure, so I drafted one up and would like to share it with you! My phone is an HTC, but I have no doubt it’d work on any similar sized music player or phone. This project is great for using up scraps. Both my fabric and batting are left over from previous projects. Also, I fully believe in working out wearing colors that make me feel energized… like bright teal! This little project took me about an hour and a half to make, including taking pictures and watching Once Upon a Time with my mom. Piece of cake! Note that all the pictures can be viewed bigger by clicking on them if you need a closer up view.

You’ll need…..

-Thick elastic (I’d suggest 1″ wide)

-One rectangle of batting big enough to wrap around your player one time. (Mine is 7.5″x5″. Felt works, too)

-Two rectangles of fabric big enough to wrap around your player (Again mine are 7.5″x5″)

-Coordinating thread

-Scissors and a needle for hand sewing (optional)


Fold your batting in half hamburger style. Sew up one of the long sides, and one of the short sides:


With your two fabric pieces, fold one of the long edges over about 1/2 of an inch. Secure with pins, then sew 1/4 in from the fold:


Take one of your fabric pieces and fold it in half hamburger style, right sides together. Sew around the short side (opposite from the seam you sewed in the step above) and the long side opposite from the fold you just made:


With the other fabric piece, cut the long rectangle into two smaller rectangles:


Cut three pieces of elastic. Two will be the pieces going around your arm: mine are 9.5″. One will be about 3″ long, or longer if your phone is longer.



Sew the ends of your two long pieces of elastic to the right side (as in, not the wrong side) of one of your small fabric rectangles. The picture does this step better justice than words can:


Repeat with the other two ends and the other side of your small fabric rectangle:


Now, sandwich the fabric + elastic piece with the other small rectangle, right sides of the fabric together. Sew around three sides (NOT the side with the edge turned over) without sewing down anymore of the elastic that was already sewn down in the step before. You’ll now have a pouch with the wrong sides of the fabric out, and the elastic inside:

DIYArmBand_outerlayerssewn DIYArmBand_pouch

Now, stick the fabric pocket without the elastic into the batting pocket so that the right side of the fabric faces the interior of the phone holder. Flip the fabric pocket with the elastic inside out, and stick the batting into that fabric pocket. Again, a photo better does this part justice to show how each of the three layers go. Note, you may have to trim the top of the batting layer so that it goes below the fabric.



Now, tuck all of these down so that the layers are all level across the top. This next step with the elastic is optional. Take your short elastic piece, and pin it between the fabric and batting pieces on both sides of the holder. I made sure that the elastic was off center since my headphones come out of my phone from the center. Adjust accordingly. Coordinating nail polish not intentional!





Sew along the same seam in the fabric that you made earlier when folding the edges over, even if you didn’t include the elastic tab. My sewing machine isn’t small enough, so I did this by hand. Make sure to put a couple of extra stitches through the elastic since it will be pulled and strained.


Once you’ve finished sewing all the way around, you’re all done! Slip your phone in, and slide the elastic tab over the edge to secure it in place. You’re all set to rock out at the gym, or outside!



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