The Super Nova Dress

This past week I’ve been working on a casual, everyday dress which is appropriate with how hot it was! The print on the fabric is called “Super Nova,” and I picked it because of the boldy/artsy geometric purple and blue pattern. I used a dress pattern which is SUPER easy (I highly recommend it if you’re new to sewing!) and which I’ve used before. The pattern and the fabric seemed like the perfect combination. So, the Super Nova Dress was born!

There were two major lessons I learned / should have known better NOT to do:

1. Since I used the pattern before, I got a tad ahead of myself and thought I could modify it. Often I run into the problem of no one to zip up my dresses in the morning*, so I decided to move the zipper to the side instead of the back. Piece of cake, right?! Sewing it and putting it on were no big deal, but now it definitely takes a couple of minutes of embarassing strategic wiggling to get out of it. Oops! I think I have in mind a better solution to the back-zipper problem for next time.

2. When fitting this dress, I was wearing a sports bra which is meant to compress and restrain the (ahem) girls. This, I definitely should have known not to do! When I tried the dress on with my regular under garments, it didn’t zip. Taking it out about an inch solved the problem, but was a hassle I won’t overlook next time. The final fit ended up being a bit tight up top.

*True story: I’ve left the house on multiple occasions with a sweater over my unzipped dress so I could have someone zip it up at school!

I sewed on cap/short sleeves for the first time. Finishing the curvy, narrow edges of the sleeves was much easier than I anticipated.


My sewing machine has some cool decorative stitches programmed into it, and I found a geometric one that fit with my fabric to use for the hem:


And, here’s the finished product! (Pardon the squinty eyes, it’s very sunny here)

I added a pocket into the skirt:


No center back zipper!

SuperNovaDress_back SuperNovaDress_front2

This pattern will definitely be made again! I love the belt-like piece at the waist, but it kind of gets lost in a patterned fabric. It would really be brought out with a solid fabric and some piping. Have a wonderful Sunday, and Happy Star Wars Day!!



7 thoughts on “The Super Nova Dress

  1. I love this dress on you. And the super nova fabric is perfect for an astrophysicist. Funny note about going to school with your clothes unzipped.

  2. That dress is so so stunning! You are gorgeous. I love that fabric. The color and pattern are spot on.

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