A Peek Into My Fabric Stash

My fabric is stored in bags and boxes since my room gets a lot of sunlight, so often I go through it to remind myself of what I have and what I can use on future projects. Here’s a peek at fabric in my stash that may or may not already have plans. It’s so fun and gets me excited about sewing when I see all the possibilities right in front of me!


I got this gorgeous cotton voile from Mood Fabrics on my recent trip to NYC. The border print is perfect for a soft flowy summer dress! There’s no specific pattern in mind yet, but I couldn’t resist contributing to my fabric stash with one of my favorite color combos: dark grey and dark pink.



This warm striped fabric is for a specific dress with a specific inspiration. It’s a surprise for now, but here’s a hint: It’s inspired by Glee! 🙂


Aaah, the silky remnant. I got this one yard remnant from Joann, on sale, for about $3. I love the color scheme and print (rotary cutter for scale), but I have NO clue what to use it for. Perhaps a Belcarra blouse? Or I could draft a basic gathered skirt? A scarf? Hm. Any ideas?


This piece, again, has no specific purpose. But, I could NOT pass it up! It’s a galaxy print chiffon! And from Mood fabrics! And plus it was a “close out” fabric, meaning there was a limited amount. It was 100% necessary to buy.

Thanks for joining me on my first Fabric Stash Sneak Peek! Come back on Sunday to check out the Glee inspired dress I’ve been working on this week.



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