HST “Braided” Wall Hanging

When I was looking for office decor, I knew I needed something brightly colored and something with more dimension than a poster. I decided that making a mini quilt or a wall hanging would be fun, easy, and I could design it myself! I love the look of chevrons and houndstooth when patterned and solid fabrics are combined. To achieve a houndstooth inspired design with one solid color and many patterned fabrics, I used half square triangle (HST) pieces. In my field of work, HST stands for “Hubble Space Telescope,” so I always do a double take when I see that acronym in the context of sewing! The method I used comes from a Hart’s Fabric blog post. You can check out all the details there, so here are just the general steps.

1. Cut your fabric into squares. The size that you want will depend on the size of your project. My squares were 5″ by 5″. Mathematically, this works out to squares of side length approximately 3.5″. For every patterned fabric square, I cut one solid square. Since I wanted a small wall hanging, this meant 8 patterned squares and 8 solid squares for me.


2. Pin one solid square and one patterned square right side together and sew around all four edges.


3. Cut diagonally across your squares from one corner to the other. Make sure your cut goes through the point where the seams intersect at each corner. Repeat with the other diagonal. You’ll now have four HST pieces from one big square.


4. Layout the pieces in your desired design. With HST pieces, you can make so many different designs and layouts. Check out Hart’s blog post for lots of other creative examples. Here’s my final design:


Personally, I think having solid colors on alternating sides all pointing the same direction makes it look braided. I then added an orange border:


What have you come up with using HST pieces?




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