2014 Project List

Wow, 2014, and ready to tackle one of my new year’s resolutions: make the majority of my new clothes this year! I also have many non-clothing projects on the back burner, so here’s a working list of all the sewing projects in store for 2014:

-Alma blouse in a floral printed cotton
-Alma blouse in a professional looking, black fabric
-Bright blue pencil skirt
-A sparkly party skirt
-Pink top to go with sparkly party skirt (SATC inspired!)
-Cambie dress in grey & blue
-A bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding
-A couple of modest, everyday dresses that I can wear to work
-A maxi skirt for the beach. Perhaps in a lovely coral or emerald green
-A mini quilt/wall hanging for my office
-A red corduroy jacket lined with floral flannel
-Elisalex dress in a red and turquoise tribal print
-Duffel bag that perfectly matches the carry on guidelines for airplanes
-Passport/travel document cover which matches duffel bag
-Pull over sweater for post workouts
-Quilted yoga/tennis racket bag
-Printed shorts in a funky novelty print (starfish, perhaps?)
-Cambie or other dressy pattern in emerald chiffon
-An everyday knit/jersey peplum top
-Wall hangings for every month according to holiday/season
-A couple of casual yet pretty tops for every day wear

A lot of these projects require working with new fabric types and learning new techniques. I’m very excited for that aspect and for building up a Me-Made wardrobe!


One thought on “2014 Project List

  1. There’s nothing better than a good list and being able to cross of the items as you go! I’m excited to see all your projects comes to life.

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